Car window installation

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, you always aim to keep it in pristine condition. This holds true both for the interior and exterior of your car. Every inch and every angle must be just right and perfect when it comes to your car–it is seldom that you ignore any damage or impairment done to your car because a car is more than just a mode of transport; it is also a statement about your personal taste and style.

In a car, the windows are an integral part of the vehicle’s performance and appearance. Because foggy windows can impair your ability to drive safely and clearly see the road, it is crucial that you learn how to avoid myths about fixing them. Here are five common myths about fixing or replacing foggy car windows:

Car Window Installation takes up a whole day of your schedule.

The installation of car windows is no simple task. However, it can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time by an experienced installer. An inexperienced installer might not get it right the first time, which can result in having to remove and reapply the window more than once. Hiring an auto glass service provider ensures that you get a perfect fit within a reasonable amount of time. There are services that provide assistance at the place and time of your choosing, which helps save you time and get on with your day.

Your Insurance Won’t Cover The Car Window Installation

Installing a car window is no different from any other auto repair that does not require special procedures when claiming insurance for it. This myth can be easily debunked by contacting your insurance company and getting details about the policy that you chose. Since every auto insurance policy is different, your policy may or may not cover a car window installation.

However, most companies do provide coverage for this type of auto repair. Either your company will submit a claim on your behalf or reimburse you once you submit the bill. Many times, claims are handled on a case-by-case basis; this includes reasons for damage, the intensity of damage, and the type of policy chosen by the customer.

No Special Care Needed

The myth that a newly installed car window does not need any special care has negative consequences. Many people forget that they have just had their windows replaced and stop caring for them. In fact, the first three to four days are crucial and during this time, you need to take special care of your new window.

Once your window is installed, the glue used to fix it in place needs time to dry so that the joint between the frame and window is strong enough. Do not get water on the adhesive or it might weaken the bond and cause damage to the window. The retention tape used to hold things in place should not be removed immediately. Make sure that you do not put any undue stress on the window when driving over potholes or bumps.

Repairing A Cracked Car Window Instead of a New Installation

Many people believe that if they see cracks or chips in their car’s window, rather than replacing the whole window, they should just repair it. This belief is false. Cracks and chips never go away on their own; only professional car window replacements can solve this problem. If there is just one very small chip (with a diameter of less than 40 mm) in your window, then you can consider repairing it. But if your car has multiple cracks and chips and any of them is bigger than 40 mm in diameter, then it’s best to have a new window installed immediately.

Mobile Auto Repair Services are not Reliable

The misconception that a car window installation will take a whole day needs to be debunked. One can always go for mobile assistance or door-to-door service that allows you to choose the place and time of installation. Unfortunately, the reason for exposing the myth became a part of the myth itself.

Many people have the idea that mobile installation services are not reliable. In truth, mobile installation services provided by many facilities involve the use of special tools and highly experienced and skilled technicians to ensure the best quality of work provided at a place and time according to your schedule and comfort.

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