Windshield brands to avoid

Which are the windshield brands to avoid?

A windscreen is a component that every vehicle must have. They serve as a barrier between the front of the car and any debris that might hit the front of the vehicle during an accident, protecting the drivers and passengers. Whether it’s raining or snowing outdoors, having effective windscreen wipers is especially crucial for seeing properly. Your windscreen must be replaced right away if it is cracked. Unfortunately, installing and buying windscreens can be pricey.

What are your options if you’re on a tight budget? While your automobile is traveling down the interstate at 65 mph, you search for the cheapest windscreen that won’t break. This typically entails bypassing the repair facilities of the original automaker. The cost of such, though, is obvious. You will save money, but you will still receive what you pay for.

How can you choose which brands to avoid buying from? You can detect if a windscreen is going to crack rapidly based on a number of variables. We’ll talk about six windscreen brands in this article that I’d never suggest buying from. We’ll also cover why you shouldn’t buy from them and how to get an excellent windscreen without spending a fortune.

Why a Damage-Free Windshield Is Vital?

The first and most crucial line of defense against flying debris and other potential road hazards is your windscreen. In order to protect passengers from harm in the event of an accident or collision with another item, it creates a barrier between those within the car and what is happening outside.

Without a windscreen, even something seemingly unimportant and minor as flying insects would be a problem. Imagine being stung by a wasp while traveling at 40 or more miles per hour. If you have ever gone through that, you can attest to how unpleasant and distracting it can be.

The windscreen helps keep passengers’ windows clear and defrosted, which helps keep them safe in cold weather.

The windscreen should never be damaged and should always be repaired as quickly as feasible. If you continue to drive with a crack or chip in your windscreen, it will simply spread and become more problematic for you in the future.

When anything larger than what the windscreen was designed to handle strikes it, windscreens are readily broken. This is especially true if your car collides with another vehicle or even with oncoming foot traffic. If you reside in a rural region, unexpected roadside encounters with wild deer like this could also harm your windscreen if you hit one.

A cracked windscreen doesn’t need to be replaced right away, but you should have a professional inspect it so you can determine how much damage has actually occurred and what repairs are necessary. Repairing a small fracture in your windscreen is typically acceptable.

Nonetheless, any large crack or another kind of damage will likely require replacement.

Is Glass Type Important?

One of the first things you should think about when buying a new windscreen is the type of material it is constructed of. Choosing between two or more varieties will rely on preference. When deciding on the type of glass you ultimately want, there are a few factors to take into account. For instance, the majority of windscreens are constructed from either tempered glass or safety glass that has been heat-strengthened.

Basically, tempered glasses are just standard window panes that you might already have in your home or apartment. Although these glasses are more durable than regular glass, they can still be broken with little effort. According to studies, none of the glass types used in windscreens are effective at lowering the risk of laceration and ejection. Even the most durable windscreen will ultimately become damaged.

How are the wipers doing?

The windscreen wipers on your car are also crucial since they improve vision in the rain or snow. Use high-quality wiper blades when replacing old ones if you want to avoid missing anything while driving in bad weather.

Wipers are also highly helpful since they assist remove rain or snow that accumulates on the windscreen and impairs visibility. If a damaged wiper arm is the source of your wipers not functioning properly, you need to fix this right away.

Depending on how frequently you use your wipers, they need to be updated frequently. It’s definitely time to buy new ones for your car if they’re worn out or have been used too frequently without being updated so you can continue to drive comfortably in all types of weather. We won’t discuss wiper blades for the remainder of the post because they are inexpensive and simple to replace.

Avoid These 4 Windshield Brands

Many materials, such as laminated glass, tempered glass, acrylic, or polyester resin, can be used to create a windscreen. The type of glass used in the construction of windscreens has an impact on how long-lasting they will be. Several brands employ inexpensive glass rather than high-quality materials, so you may anticipate that they won’t last very long.

The issue is that since cheap windscreens are frequently designed to seem exactly like high-end ones, you can’t tell from their appearance what kind of materials are used inside and how durable they would be under various conditions. Knowing the business or brand that created the windscreen is the only way to be certain of its quality. We compiled a list of the brands you should never purchase because of this. It would be a waste to spend money on subpar windscreens.


Our investigation revealed that this is among the worst manufacturers to choose when seeking a new windscreen. They use cheap glass that will not last you very long in addition to pricey things. If your car is involved in an accident or simply if you run into something while driving, you may anticipate it to break quickly.

Editor’s note: Safelite outsources windscreen production as a result of their agreement with Tru-Tech. For you, what does it mean? Well, they buy them from Xinyi and Fuyao, two different merchants. Windshields from Fuyao are of high quality, but not those from Xinyi. You have a 50/50 chance of receiving a good or bad windscreen from Safelite. If you are unable to decide, avoid them.


PGW is yet another brand that we discovered to be a bad decision (ex-PPG). It’s strange because this company used to produce OEM windscreens (you can find their windscreens on vintage Hondas and Mazdas). 

They produce both aftermarket and OEM windscreens. These are simply excellent, demonstrating that they only employ the highest quality materials for the original ones. Their aftermarket windscreens are extremely lacking. In terms of quality, they are only marginally superior to Safelite, but depending on the car you drive and how big or tiny your windscreen is, they can also become pretty expensive.

Autoglass Tru-Tech

The fact that they are the same business that produced windscreens for Safelite explains why the quality and durability of their products are so bad. It is not worth spending money on something you know will degrade or crack after a few months of use, thus we advise avoiding this brand at all costs.

Auto Glass Now

This business has recently received a lot of unfavorable reviews. Its windscreens are made of cheap glass, so you can anticipate that they won’t last very long, particularly if your automobile is involved in an accident or sustains other sorts of damage. None of these brands should ever be used to purchase a windscreen since their goods are of poor quality and are not worth the money. Also, their installation work is subpar. By using Car Glass Today, you will wind up spending more money over time. If you choose them, it’s likely that your windscreen will need to be replaced shortly.

You can locate people online who looked into these businesses and had an appropriate replacement completed. Everything is OK if you are satisfied with your installation. Sadly, compared to the trustworthy businesses, the companies on this list have a higher rate of defective windscreens.

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How to Choose a Reliable Installer?

It’s crucial to ensure that the installation is done correctly while replacing your windscreen. By doing so, you can prevent leaks and other problems with the seal surrounding the glass. When fitted incorrectly, even the greatest glass in the world is worthless. Installation is actually more crucial than windscreen quality.

Be sure the firm performing the installation is qualified and understands how to do it correctly if you want to avoid issues. You can speak with nearby repair services. Moreover, you should search for a company that replaces windscreens that offers warranties on their handiwork in case something goes wrong and there is damage brought on by leaks or other problems with the seal. In this manner, you can get it fixed without spending more money.

What to look for when hiring a windscreen installer?

1] Certification by AGRSS.

Technicians must first go through thorough training and testing on how to properly install new windscreens in order to become certified installers. This guarantees that their job will be completed in accordance with industry standards so you can trust them. The replacement of your car’s windscreen will be performed expertly by technicians who have earned the AGRSS certification.

2] Exposure:

How much exposure to various windscreen brands do they have? You don’t want to take a chance on a person who is unsure of which sorts are superior to others since you risk spending extra for something that isn’t always necessary or, worse yet, receiving a subpar installation that won’t last you very long.

3] References:

References, like testimonials and reviews left by clients on search engines like Google or Yelp. Verify the veracity of recent reviews at all times. There are dishonest companies that purchase phony reviews.

4] Warranty:

Warranty and Guarantee for their work to prevent paying more if an installation error results in a problem with the seal surrounding the glass itself. If a person is skilled at replacing windscreens, they shouldn’t have any difficulties.

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There are several terrible windscreen manufacturers. The installation, however, is what matters most when you get yours replaced. You ought to conduct an additional investigation on the person installing your new windscreen. Even a subpar windscreen will serve you well if they do a good job. On the other hand, a shoddy installation will cause even the best windscreen in the world to appear wavering, fracture, or worse, bend.

But even at comparable prices, some brands are superior to others. Yet, given current globalization tendencies, it can be challenging to identify who is producing what. Always look at your glass’ DOT, which will reveal the location of its construction. You should then be able to determine whether your glass has any merit. Going beyond the brand name is essential because most companies now assemble glass globally.

But, don’t judge a windscreen negatively just because it was put together in China, Africa, or Eastern Europe. The nation has significantly improved its manufacturing process in recent years. Excellent windscreens are also available there. Do some research on the manufacturer and look up customer testimonials.

Call a Professional

If you have any queries about your front or rear windshield, kindly contact GlassFixit for the same.

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