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11 Best Car Features You Didn't Know You Needed!

Driving is a lot easier than it used to be. You can see everything around you and avoid accidents by using the latest car technology, like adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring. But did you know that there are other features in your car that make driving even safer? We’ve rounded up 11 of them so that you’ll always have access to them if needed:

1] Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is a system that automatically adjusts your vehicle’s speed in relation to the speed of the vehicle in front of you. It will maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you and can slow down or stop if necessary. It’s an excellent safety feature to have because it allows drivers to react quickly when there’s an obstacle on their paths, such as another car or pedestrian.

2] Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind-spot monitoring is a safety feature that detects when another car or pedestrian is in your blind spot. If you don’t see them, it will alert you with a beep and flash of lights. The system keeps track of what’s happening behind the vehicle so that it can warn drivers about potential accidents before they happen.

This feature has been around for decades, but there are newer versions available today that offer more detail than ever before: They’ll even tell you if someone has moved into their blind spot! That way, if there’s something moving in front of your car while driving down the road (like an animal), then this system will let everyone know right away!

3] Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are smartphone apps that let you access your phone’s apps through your car’s touchscreen. They’re available on newer cars, but some older models may offer the functionality by using a USB interface.

Android Auto offers similar functionality to Google Maps, allowing you to play music from Spotify or Pandora through the vehicle’s speakers while navigating with voice commands. The app also shows information about what’s going on around you like traffic delays and speed limits as well as directions home while driving (if it works). While this feature can be useful when traveling alone in unfamiliar territory—or during rush hour traffic jams—it has limitations: First off there isn’t an option for offline navigation; secondly if GPS signals aren’t strong enough then this software won’t work properly either so don’t expect much help from it if there are no cell towers nearby (which happens often).

Apple CarPlay requires an iPhone 5s or later model which allows access via Bluetooth technology but doesn’t require any additional hardware beyond an iPhone connected via Lightning cable connector port located within one inch above driver side console trim panel near the center console switch between reverse gear selection lever housing area under hood area behind windshield glass where the rearview mirror would normally sit before installing one back here behind front windshield glass where front side airbag used today instead since most accidents happen at least once every week so why not try something different than usual routine?

4] 360° Camera

The 360° camera is the perfect addition to your car. It’s not only a safety feature, but also helps you in many different ways when it comes to driving. If you have children or pets, this will be especially helpful for them as well!

First off, let’s talk about how it can help when parking. The 360° camera allows drivers to see what is around their vehicle from any angle—including blind spots and areas where vehicles may be parked on either side of yours. Not only does this save time by avoiding potential collisions with other cars and pedestrians alike but also makes it easier for people who park their cars parallel versus perpendicular (which require more space).

The second way that this amazing technology can benefit us is by making us safer while driving too! Many people don’t realize how important good vision skills are when behind the wheel of an automobile because they’ve been taught wrong information (such as thinking that looking down at their phone while driving isn’t distracting). But according to many studies done over time by various organizations including AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety; National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Insurance Institute For Highway Safety; American Automobile Association Foundation International Foundation For Traffic Safety; Society Automotive Engineers International Council; Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association; Australian Road Research Board, etc., texting while driving has been proven unsafe multiple times over–so using GPS navigation apps instead would really improve road safety if everyone did so instead!

5] Lane Departure Warning System

The Lane Departure Warning System is a safety feature that helps you stay in your lane. If you’re driving on a highway and feel like you’re about to drift out of it, this system will send out an alert so that you can adjust your speed or position yourself back within the center of the lane. It can also be used with adaptive cruise control (which we’ll discuss later) and blind spot monitoring systems, which will warn drivers when they’re about to veer into another car’s blind spot.

If all these features sound great but aren’t available on your vehicle yet—don’t worry! There are plenty of other options available at dealerships across America today that could work perfectly well for what most people want out of their cars anyway: comfortability at high speeds while maintaining control over where they go through traffic jams on city streets or highways alike.

6] Keyless Entry and Engine Start Button

Keyless entry and engine start buttons are convenient features that make it easier to get into your vehicle, but they don’t have to be used only for starting. If you have an electronic garage door opener, you can use the same remote control for both opening and closing your doors.

If you’re driving a new car with keyless ignition and no signs of any other modifications, it’s likely that this feature was added aftermarket by an aftermarket provider (like [Ford]). This means that while they were designed specifically for this purpose—to replace the traditional key fob—they may not always work properly when used in conjunction with other components within their range of operation (like Bluetooth speakers).

7] Paddle Shifters

Paddle shifters are a great way to keep your hands on the wheel and still change gears. They allow you to drive in stop-and-go traffic without taking your eyes off the road, which is especially helpful when it’s dark out. They’re also useful if you need to downshift quickly—and they can even be used as an emergency brake!

Paddle shifters come in different styles, but all have one thing in common: they look like paddles that stick out from one side of your steering wheel (or directly into your hand). When activated, these paddlers will change gear automatically without having to take their hands off of whatever it is that controls wheels with them (like a car).

8] Heated Front Seats and Steering Wheel

Heated seats and steering wheels are a luxury, but they are also a safety feature. If you have the money to splurge on these features, then we recommend getting them. The good news is that you can turn them on or off at your leisure, so if you’re in an area where it’s cold enough for your car’s heater to work but not hot enough for its A/C system (and if you don’t mind having the windows open), then go ahead and turn up the temperature in both places!

Another great thing about heated seats is: They aren’t just good for keeping people warm when they get into their cars; they’re also great for preventing injuries from frostbite or hypothermia during those winter months when outside temperatures dip below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (F). This makes them useful even if there isn’t much snow on the ground either—you won’t need any additional equipment like boots or gloves unless conditions warrant such things anyway!

9] Power Liftgate

When you’re in the car, a power liftgate can be useful for getting in and out of your vehicle. It allows you to open the rear gate with just one hand and without having to pull on any handles or levers. This is especially helpful if you have limited mobility, as it saves time and energy while getting into or out of your vehicle.

If you have a liftgate that works with an app on your smartphone, then this feature becomes even more useful! You can set up notifications that alert when someone opens their liftgate (or closes it). This will allow them to know whether they need help opening or closing their door before they arrive at their destination—and hopefully prevent any embarrassing moments when someone realizes they forgot about their keys!

10] Power-Folding Side View Mirrors

Power-folding side view mirrors are a great way to make sure you can see out of your vehicle when parking. They’re also great for when you need to park in tight spots and narrow spaces, like near other cars or on a hill.

The best part about power folding mirrors is that they fold out of the way when you don’t need them! You can fold them back down so that there is no chance of hitting anything while driving down the road or parking at night or during inclement weather (rain, snow).

11] Push-Button Gear Selectors

Push-button gear selectors are a new feature on some cars but also an old-school convenience. These gear shift buttons are easier to use than traditional lever shifters and make it easier to shift gears. They’re safer, too—you won’t accidentally hit the wrong button and send your car into neutral or backward motion when you don’t want it there!

If you’ve ever used a push-button shifter before or if you’re looking for a new car with them as standard equipment, then this article is for you!


When it comes to car features, the best ones are those that make your life easier. As a driver and passenger, you’ll want to be safe when you’re on the road. And as a pedestrian who walks around town or goes shopping at the mall, you’ll want to stay safe as well!

The most important thing is that these new car features will make driving easier and safer:

  • Automatic emergency braking (AEB) – This feature alerts drivers when they’re too close to another vehicle or other hazard. It automatically applies brakes if it detects an imminent collision; otherwise, it just warns them by flashing lights or sounding an alarm in case they ignore the warning signs—such as those shown above
  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC) – Similar technology used in highways where traffic moves at different speeds depending on the time of day; ACC works similarly but only within preset limits set by law; also known as adaptive cruise control
  • Lane keep assist (LKA) – Helps keep lane markings visible even under heavy sunlight conditions by using cameras mounted on either side of vehicle’s windshields instead of requiring blind spot detection sensors which can cause accidents due to misjudgment.