Discover Rivian’s Fleet-Friendly Electric Cargo Vans

Rivian cargo van

Rivian, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, has expanded its offerings to include its electric cargo vans for global fleets, breaking away from its exclusive partnership with Amazon. Whether you’re a major corporation or an independent business owner, Rivian now invites you to explore its commercial delivery van lineup, featuring the Delivery 500 priced at $83,000 and the larger Delivery 700 at $87,000.

Rivian’s Electric Cargo Vans: Breaking Boundaries Beyond Amazon

Rivian’s electric commercial delivery vans were initially designed exclusively for Amazon, with the online giant placing an impressive order of 100,000 vehicles back in 2019. Now, Rivian is opening the doors to its electric fleet vehicles for businesses worldwide.

Fleet sales include two distinct sizes of cargo vans. The compact Delivery 500 boasts a storage capacity of approximately 500 cubic feet, accommodating a payload of up to 2734 pounds, with a GVWR of 9350 pounds. On the other hand, the larger Delivery 700, with its extended dimensions, offers an expanded interior storage space of 652 cubic feet. Despite a slightly lower payload capacity of 2513 pounds, the GVWR increases to 9500 pounds.

Both vans feature front-wheel drive, and Rivian indicates that the Delivery 500 achieves an estimated maximum range of 161 miles, while the larger Delivery 700, with its increased size and weight, achieves a still-impressive 153 miles. While specifics regarding battery sizes and electric motor details remain undisclosed, it is assumed that these commercial vans utilize the same cutting-edge technology found in Rivian’s Amazon delivery vans—employing a lithium-iron phosphate battery pack and the in-house “Enduro” electric motor. Notably, these vans support J1772 and CCS1 charging, reaching speeds of up to 100 kW.

Pricing for the compact Delivery 500 begins at $83,000, offering an accessible entry point for businesses looking to embrace the electric future of commercial fleets. For those in need of additional space and capacity, the larger Delivery 700 is available at a slightly higher price point, starting at $87,000. Explore the world of electric commercial delivery vans with Rivian, where innovation meets practicality for fleets of all sizes.


As we conclude our exploration into Rivian’s electric cargo vans, it’s evident that the future of commercial fleets is charging forward with unprecedented innovation. Rivian’s commitment to sustainability, coupled with the practicality and efficiency of the Delivery 500 and Delivery 700, positions these electric vans as formidable contenders in the competitive landscape of commercial vehicles. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or a major corporation, Rivian invites you to join the electric revolution, offering not just vehicles but a vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future in the realm of commercial transportation. Embrace the shift to electric with Rivian’s cutting-edge technology and usher in a new era for your fleet.

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